Industrial Swimming Pool Servicing


We service a large number of industrial pools in the KZN area. Our service includes administering of all chemicals once we have ascertained, through a thorough water analysis, what is required. All backwashing including open backwashing when required, is undertaken by us. We are also able to vacuum the pools. An extensive programme of what we do can be discussed on site depending on the requirements of the school as each swimming pool has different sporting priorities. We are also called in to assist with corrective chemical dosing when pH and chlorine levels are not at required levels as specified by The Department of Education. Gala seasons at the schools requires careful planning and co-ordination as many of our schools opt for these events on the same days or even the same weeks in summer. Our teams work on a schedule to ensure all servicing is completed but this can be changed to suit the events taking place. It is important to note that industrial swimming pools require a completely different regime to domestic swimming pools.